Swing Society Dances

Want to take the moves you know out to the dance floor? The Swing Society puts on weekly dances during most weeks during University of Illinois' semesters as well as a special dance once a month.

Free Weekly Dances

Each week, The Swing Society puts on a weekly dance around The University of Illinois' campus. These dances are always free, usually DJ'd by a local dancer, and are a great place to meet people and learn new moves. No special shoes or dress is required.

Upcoming Weekly Dances:

Special Event Dances

At least once a month, The Swing Society aims to put on a special event dance to use different venues around campus, to attract new dancers, to bring in a live band, or just to have fun. Some of these events have a small entry charge to help offset the cost of the event while other special event dances are completely free.

Many of our special event dances will have a theme, such as a halloween dance or a semi-formal. While we think it's more fun when people get into the theme of the evening, no special dress or shoes are required at any of these events.

Upcoming Special Event Dances:
  • There are currently no special event dances planned at the moment. Special event dances happen about once a month during the Fall and Spring sessions at The University of Illinois.